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We supply Fresh Snails Farmed With the best Practices

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We Breed the best Snails in Nigeria

We farm Achatina Achatina, Marginata and Fulica which are traditionally eaten snails in west africa, preferred because of their flavour and tender meat.

Our snails is supplied cleansed and hibernated, so it will be the freshest possible when included in recipes, meaning they are tender and tastier.

Fresh snails are amazingly nutritious, high in protein, more iron than red meat, abundant in amino acids, selenium, Omega 3 and magnesium, low in fat and with plentiful vitamins and minerals, they really are a superfood!

And there are so many imaginative ways to cook them, as well as the traditional escargot with garlic butter, try preparing snail bombs (wrapped in garlic cream and breadcrumbs), traditional Mendip Wallfish, thai style with coconut milk and chili, or enjoy like the Spanish in a paella.

We’re keen to encourage a pioneering spirit as people experiment with their sources of nutrition and food enjoyment. At Amber Teal farmhouse our vision is to inspire the nation to munch molluscs by supplying fresh snails!


Fresh & Healthy

100% Organic

Our Products

We farm the african large snails varieties which are traditionally eaten snails in west africa, preferred because of their flavour and tender meat.

Achatina Marginata (AM)

Achatina Achatina ( AA)

Achatina Fulica (AF)


Why you should consume Snail Meat

When it comes to snails, many people, especially in Nigeria, have several reservations towards it; some of which appear to be superstitious.

However, health-wise, the meat of snail is considered to be high-quality food packed with protein and is also a great source of iron. It contains 15% protein, 80% water, and 2.4% fat which makes it an alternative food for people requiring a high protein low-fat diet. Here’s a breakdown of individual benefits snail provides the body.


Snails do provide a low-calorie source of protein which is essential for building and repairing muscle and is also better at filling you up than carbs and fat. Many people look to seafood as an easy source of protein, but actually, snails have more.


The iron nutrient found in snails is essential for building red blood cells and carrying energy around the body. A lack of iron can lead to extreme fatigue and anemia.

Vitamin B12

Often cited as the ‘energy vitamin’, B12 is needed to build red blood cells, keep the nervous system healthy, release energy from the food we eat and process folic acid. Luckily, snails have lots of it.


Snails are also a good source of magnesium, which our bodies need to maintain normal blood pressure, strengthen bones and also keep the heartbeat regular.